Mindful Living

Individual Program


You may be new to a mindfulness practice, or have taken a break from it and want to get going again. Or you may have found yourself at a point where you just feel stuck, not making the progress you’d like. You may be wanting to go deeper in a practice of mindful living, carrying the practice to your work, your relationships, your connection with God

Or you may be looking for a different approach to counseling. We each experience a variety of suffering throughout our lives. You might find yourself going through a particularly challenging time, and know that you need the support of another unbiased person as you make decisions and work through your challenges.

If you are looking for one on one connection with Christine to get feedback and support to live well, you may choose to invest in a Mindful Living Coaching OR Counseling program. I would be happy to discuss with you whether the coaching or counseling program would be the best fit for you!

The Mindful Living Coaching or Counseling experience includes

  • Initial consultation to understand your needs and set a course for you, including supplementation recommendations and exercise consultation.

  • Individual coaching or counseling sessions 2-4 times a month to understand your story and help you reframe your past and create a new future, meeting you where you’re at and helping you make the shifts you need and want.

  • Combination energy healing sessions done for you on the day of your sessions  to help create balance and release baggage that may be keeping you stuck in unhelpful patterns.

  • Inclusion of The Mindful Experiment OR Body Forward program (your choice) to propel you forward.

  • Available in 4 - 9 month formats, to be determined at initial consult.

Mindfulness has been shown to

increase quality of life, decrease negative feelings and even ease pain and

boost the immune response.

It is a powerful tool for healthy living,

& I look forward to connecting with you

to see how your life can be

transformed by our work together.

What's next?

I've spent years developing these programs aimed at solving many issues we all tend to face

in our modern lives, but I'm always open to suggestions.

Do you have an idea for what my next course should be? Let's chat!